Tuesday, July 3, 2007

What Appraisers Look For

Whether you’re thinking about selling your house or looking to get a mortgage or refinance a current mortgage, chances are an independent appraiser will look at your house and come up with a dollar figure for what it’s worth. And if you are considering remodeling, it pays to know what appraisers look for.

The home improvement expert at About.com listed these six items that appraisers look for when determining the market value of a house:

  • location
  • square footage
  • bedrooms
  • bathrooms
  • fireplaces
  • construction material

Of course, an ugly fireplace is not going to help you as much as a remodeled fireplace. And painting ugly fireplace brick offers an even bigger return on your investment than many other options, especially tearing out and replacing your entire fireplace. Try a do-it-yourself fireplace paint kit for an easy and affordable remodel that gives your newly painted fireplace the look of real brick.

Other options for remodeling include replacing or adding a hand-made wooden mantel. You can buy these pre-stained or unfinished in a variety of shapes, styles, and woods. Or, for a quick fix, simply clean the existing fireplace.

You’ll be amazed at the difference before and after remodeling an ugly fireplace—and you will be even happier once the appraiser comes back with a figure!

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  1. I need help , I do have a cast iron fireplace in my house which I dont like because look like a stove poping out of the wall , and I like the flat ones that you can surround with tile and a wooden mantel, can I remove the one I have on my own and just leva a hole in the wall or there is more to it.



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