Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mind That Fire!

You know, here at the Fireplace Decorating blogsite we tend to focus on remodeling and redecorating techniques, or on ways to get more enjoyment from the well-built fire, but sometimes we also need to step back and remember a few things about fireplace safety. With much of the nation suffering an exceptionally cold winter this year, a lot of people are turning to their fireplace for added heat. This can be a great idea, and if you’re smart about it, you can even shave a little expense off your monthly heating bill.

Unfortunately, people sometimes get careless around the hearth—burning improper materials, leaving a fire unattended or neglecting proper maintenance of the chimney and flue—and the results? Well, in some cases they can be catastrophic. In fact, every year around this time the news reports start coming in about home fires that started due to carelessness or just lack of basic fireplace safety information. This article from the Buffalo News does a great job of spelling out some of the potential hazards the fireplace enthusiast should be mindful of as fireplace season kicks into high gear.

Of course, none of this is meant to scare anybody. Or, we only want to scare you enough that you practice a little common sense when you build your next fire. If you use a little common sense and invest just a tiny bit in fireplace cleaning supplies and the proper fireplace tools, there’s every reason you should enjoy the rest of the winter with your feet by the fire and your mind at ease.

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