Saturday, July 25, 2009

Remodeling Makeover Challenge - 3 Rooms Under $1000?

Here's my challenge, I live in a traditional 40 year old house. You know one of those 5 - 4- door with old brick, ugly tile, and rooms that need a lift. Rooms to be refreshed: Living Room - Office - Bath. My goal is to have all 3 projects completed by Labor Day for under a $3000 or $1000 per room. Can it be done?

Follow my progress on all three projects. I would love comments and ideas as the project progresses. Check out the problem areas:

Living Room - Brick needs updating. Should I resurface, reface, paint? What about new fireplace doors, gas logs, flat screen tv?

Office - can you believe I stare at this wall all day while working? What about a fake fireplace, wall mount fireplace, flat screen tv/computer monitor?

Bath - Wow this tile is ugly, the wall paper is ugly. Do I have to rip it all out? What about refinishing the tile, replacing the tile, covering the tile. I'll need to look into all options.


  1. Good Luck - $3000 won't go very far.

  2. can you put a flat screen tv above a fireplace?

  3. that fireplace and shelves on either side of it are EXACTLY like ours!!!!!!!!! i mean Exactly! and we are wanting to do something with ours. we just bought this house and are fixing it up slowly but surely. i would love to see what you come up with :)



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