Monday, December 14, 2009

Fireplaces at Work

Custom Fireplaces Attract Attention

I've never been to the Crow Creek Brewing Company in Rapid City, South Dakota, but I get a kick out of their fireplace. I mean, I wouldn't want a jug-shaped fireplace facade in my home -- too whacky, too weird -- but it would be something to contemplate from the seat at the end of the bar with a pint of porter or stout. In other words, it's probably good for business.

As it happens, I don't often talk about fireplaces in businesses. Yeah, last week I mentioned one in a public library, and I've commented before on a few I've come across in high-end hotels. But if I've ever discussed the possible commercial benefits of putting a fireplace in a shop or storefront, I honestly don't remember it.

And yet I think that the right fireplace, in the right environment, could really boost sales. For example, a traditional wood burning hearth would probably go over well in a store that retails camping gear or rustic wood furniture. Gas insert fireplaces, on the other hand, would enhance all sorts of businesses, from clothing outlets to dentist offices. I mean, when you think about it, the possibilities are pretty much endless, aren't they?

Anyway, it's fun to ponder. And with that in mind, if you come across an interesting fireplace in a business where you live or you encounter one on your travels, how about sending me a pic? I love seeing how people incorporate fireplaces into their daily lives, and who knows? If the pic you send is interesting enough, maybe I'll post here.

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