Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fireplaces of the 21st Century

Now that's a modern fireplace...

I have to admit, the FilioFocus free-standing fireplace (pictured above) is one heck of a home stove. With its full-radius steel fire bowl, its super-sleek steel flue pipe and all-glass surround, it represents a high point in contemporary fireplace design, and really elevates the overall decor. I'm sure it also represents more cash than this old log burner's ever made in a year.

That's not a knock on Atelier Dominique Imbert, who designed the FilioFocus. And I certainly don't mean to disparage contemporary fireplace design in general, which frequently amazes me. I just mean that for a lot of us, this stuff may be fun to look at online, or to blog about, but installing anything like it in our homes is, well, a bit unrealistic--and hey, that's okay.

As much as I like looking at new fireplace designs, and as fun as it can be to dream, I'm perfectly happy with my traditional brick-and-mortar, updated with a set of contemporary fireplace glass doors. I mean, heck, my fireplace may not belong in a museum, but in the end, I really wouldn't want it to. I'd rather have the thing in my living room, humble as my living room may be.

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