Monday, January 9, 2012

Here Are A Few Fireplace Mantel Styles

The style of fireplace mantel in a room can combine form and function, turning the fireplace into an interesting focal point. Mantels can add height and width to a room, or add an element of texture by using a material such as stone or glass. When choosing a style, keep in mind the overall architectural design of the house and the style of furnishings that will surround the fireplace. Many people display art and photographs on mantels, while others prefer a seamless edge. Fireplace mantels come in a wide range of styles suitable for any room’s decor.

Country-style mantels range from rustic brick to wood beams or logs. A popular trend in home decor is to use salvaged barn doors or remnants to create a mantel. The construction material is the focal point of country mantels, which are usually simple in design and structure. A log and beam design constructed of unfinished wood is a good example of the rustic, country style for fireplaces.

The design options for contemporary fireplaces seem endless. Usually, a minimalist style and precise geometric lines are distinctive traits of modern designs. Marble, sleek finished wood, and stone slabs are typical materials used to construct contemporary mantels. Designers cast custom slabs of concrete or stone to create contemporary mantels that flow seamlessly into the wall or form an abstract shape.

Antique fireplaces often are composed of dark wood. The colonial, Victorian, and French country styles of fireplace mantels are examples of antique designs. While some homes are lucky enough to have original carved antique mantels, companies now offer antique designs that look like the real thing. Antique mantels tend to be larger than contemporary or rustic styles. Carvings and corbels, often ornate and elegant, decorate Victorian and French country styles. Colonial mantels are more traditional in nature, featuring beveled edges and paneling.

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