Tuesday, February 21, 2012

An Amazing new look on a previously painted brick fireplace

Color Theme: Twilight Taupe

Thank you very much for the amazing product that allowed us to renew our existing fireplace for a fraction of cost. It is used to be wall of white paint over the bricks and looked boring and ugly. 

Yes, it took me 5-6 hours and several layers to apply the base coat but it was well worth it. The second, third and fourth steps were easy and quick. I should mention that as I was applying coat after coat I liked how the fireplace was starting to change.  It worked like a magic. 

The last coat changed the look completely and gave us an amazingly looking new fireplace. Everybody who comes to our house can't believe that it is just several steps of painting and have to touch the bricks to prove it themselves.
Thank you for the amazing idea for the Brick-Paint Kit !

The Sickler Family

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  1. beautiful! and the black really pops!

  2. What a difference the new paint makes. Thecontrast with the black is very dramatic. Nice job.

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    Have a great weekend!

  4. Great job! It looks fantastic. I really like your mantle. :) Your newest follower via the Tatertots and Jello link party. ~ Megan

  5. Cool! I just painted a gray color over our white-painted brick. I wouldn't say that I *love* it, but I do like it a lot better than the white.

  6. Wow, I love that you can paint over brick! You did an awesome job. Thanks for linking it up to Cutesy Monday!

    XO! Kathryn



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