Friday, February 10, 2012

Enjoy The Romance Of A Fireplace

A peek into human history will reveal that even in the pre-historic period, people were using a fireplace to keep their caves warmer during chill weather conditions. But, as civilization grew, there were many innovations and the types that are being used now are classier and easier models. It is true that we get many benefits from fireplaces. Every person aims to get a specific benefit but the common thread that binds all these people is the love of fire. Let us look at some of the points about fireplaces and how to have them:
- You can not find a person who does not agree with the fact that a fireplace provides a perfect romantic setting, coziness and comfort to one and all. Especially during winter, when chilly weather conditions prevail, you can throw your blanket away and still feel the warmth provided by the fireplace.
- Before the modern days heating was invented, it was the traditional or classic fireplace that was being used. Even now, you can find such traditional arrangements and chimneys in many of the homes. Wood is burned in them for producing heat and warmth to the people living in these houses. But, only if ventilation via the chimney is quite efficient, you can have optimum benefit from this type. The chimney should also be cleaned periodically. Some people make it a point to clean these chimneys once or twice a year.
- Electric fireplaces are also quite popular. Unlike the classic type, this does not need ventilation but it can provide the same warmth. That is the reason for its popularity. You also have the flexibility of installing it anywhere you like. Many people who were using the classic type have switched to the electric fireplace and they have installed the unit in the same place where the traditional type was being used.
- If your apartment rooms are quite small, you can opt to have a corner electric fireplace. This type is design will fit into the corner of your room.
- In century-old homes, people were using a country-style stove which is a square or rectangular-shaped block. This block acted both as a stove and also a fireplace. If you want to have this type as a fun choice, you can do so and it will give a classic and traditional look to your home. You can also get an electric version in this.
- Gas Fireplaces are a great alternative to wood. This type gives warmth and brightness equal to those that can be got from the traditional types. They are quite safe also.
by Chebykin Aleksandr 

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