Thursday, February 23, 2012

Is your fireplace outdated and forgotten?

Is your fireplace outdated and forgotten? Do visitors overlook your fireplace instead of complimenting it? Do you want to change that?

If so, it may be the right time for fireplace remodeling. As figurative and literal sources of warmth, fireplaces remain the centerpiece of the living area. Therefore it is important that your fireplace is a pleasant place to spend time around.

Most people are reluctant to look into options for redoing a fireplace even though they know it will make a world of difference. They think of it must be a daunting, expensive, time-consuming ordeal. But it doesn’t have to be. Today there are many options for fireplace remodeling ranging from the complex (tearing out the existing brick and completely rebuilding) to the simple (using fireplace paint to lighten up and revitalize the outdated brick). This article explores several fireplace remodeling options to help you choose the right solution for your “problem” fireplace.

Starting From Scratch
One possibility for remodeling your fireplace is a complete rebuild. This means hiring a mason to disassemble the old fireplace and then install a new one. This is a big project that requires a lot of demolition—and the inevitable mess and hassle of having contractors in your house. The result is a fine new fireplace built to your specifications, but this it’s very costly—it is definitely going to run into the thousands of dollars. If you choose premium materials, design a custom fireplace, or build out an entire wall, the project could run into five figures.

Patching Things Up
Another option is repairing damaged brick, cracked mortar, or other fireplace issues without tearing everything out. These smaller changes are less serious and therefore cost less, but they still require a specialist. And while it is important to address structural problems or damage to your fireplace, it won’t necessarily improve the look of outdated brick.

Do It Yourself
If your fireplace problems are more cosmetic than structural, or if you are looking for a more economical alternative to a complete rebuild, you should consider a remodel option you can do yourself—not only will you save money (a lot of money) you will also get a great home improvement project to throw yourself into. By far the cheapest and simplest remodel is fireplace brick paint. The market’s newest fireplace paints very proficiently convert old and drab fireplaces into modern and lighter looking ones. These specially formulated brick paints are of such a high quality that it is nearly impossible to detect that paint, and not the natural brick, is what the eye beholds. The fireplace gains a fresh look, but the texture of original brick remains. Remodeling a fireplace with a brick paint kit saves you money and gives you the sense of satisfaction of a job well done. And you can do it yourself in a single weekend!
Bonus Tip: After you repair chips, cracks or other structural damage to your fireplace brick, you can cover up the repairs or mismatched bricks with fireplace brick paint.

Lighten Up
When picking out colors for fireplace paint or materials, don’t just choose something that matches the walls and floor. Consider the room as a whole. A lighter color for the fireplace makes your living area seem more spacious and complements natural daylight. Even after the sun sets, a light color maintains that sunny, pleasant feeling. Even in a room with no windows or limited natural light, lighter colors can dramatically increase the area’s brightness and  airiness.

The Centerpiece of the Room
Whichever option you choose, a high-quality remodel gives you a transformed room with a beautiful fireplace as the focal point.

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