Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dark & Dreary to Bright & Cheery Brick Painted Fireplace

My husband and I just happened onto this brick paint product online when searching for what to do with our dreaded fireplace. We loved the bricks and didn't want to "cover" them as some design sites had suggested. We were thrilled when we found Brick-A-New online.

It took me a day to choose a color then we ordered right away. Thanks Wendy for taking our call and processing our order to Canada. The product came within a week. My husband and I completed the project in the evenings over a few nights. We have very bumpy bricks which was a concern for us when we ordered, but the standard fireplace paint kit covered our fireplace, it took about 1 hour or so to apply the base coat. Then I was able to apply the other colors two at a time over a couple of evenings.

What a transformation I would walk by our room that used to be the dark and dreary den and would do a double take when I saw the painted bricks even though I had done them myself. It was super easy and you can't make a mistake. Just apply and step back and say I did that! Then show all your friends your new room.

I would recommend this product to anyone. And I already have, friends, family and co-workers alike have been amazed when I show them the photo's.

We're just one step away from our fireplace being finished, we're saving up for our gas fireplace insert now.

Ottawa, Canada


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  1. What a difference the paint lightens the entire space. Lovely! I'm here from the Linky hop. Hope you'll stop on over.
    Peace and good.



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