Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Heatilator Fireplace Doors - Redo it yourself with quality

Fireplace glass doors offer a safe window into our fire, keeping ash, smoke and excessive heat inside the fireplace, where they should stay.  They are made to tolerate the high heat of the fire, to which they are in close proximity.  The glass doors improve general fireplace safety, protecting the immediate area around it, facilitate ease in caring for the hearth, and add elegance to the look of a fireplace.

Glass doors are able to stand the heat of fire because of a special heat treatment process, which shields the glass from the high and near heat of the fire.  Thus, glass that has been heat treated can tolerate much higher temperatures than can normal glass.  Glass treated in this manner is made to last and any worries regarding the safety of glass doors in such close proximity to excessive heat can be calmed.  Safety of glass doors does not end in their treatment; fireplace glass doors add safety to the whole area in proximity to the fireplace.

Fireplace glass doors are one of the greatest additions to fireplace safety and comfort of recent times.  Protecting the immediate area near the fire from excessive heat as well as from burning embers, glass doors provide a neat partition.  The glass doors manage to control the size of the fire and the temperature of heat in the room.  Glass doors are created to slide open or closed effortlessly.  Thus, glass doors will easily slide closed to allow you to contain excessive heat of the fireplace when needed.  If the fire suddenly gets bigger than expected, closing the doors will reduce the flame by limiting air to the oxygen-hungry fire.  It is wise to remember that while we have learned to control fire by containing it in a fireplace, the elements still can wield their unpredictable powers over us. 

Even in the fireplace, a burning ember or a flying spark cannot be completely controlled.  Fireplace glass doors will control this, and ensure that no leaping sparks manage to burn either your rug or your friend who happens to be sitting near the fire!

Fireplace glass doors are also a desirable style element and keep the hearth tidy.  Extra embers and sparks will no longer leave burn marks on rugs nearby, no longer leave extra gray streaks or piles of ash to clean.  The embers and sparks will burn their lives out inside the fireplace.  While keeping the area neater, the doors dress up a fireplace – the right finishing touch for an image of an elegant fireplace.  Glass doors framed by a mantel and a modern fireplace make a strong impression, commanding the attention of all who see the room.  The frame the glass doors provide into the fire creates a picture that will complement any of the framed art pieces on or above the mantel.

Seemingly minor in the scheme of the fireplace, glass doors prove quite useful in the safety and care of your fire.  Adding the defined look that glass provides, fireplace glass doors prove to be the most chic of all the tools used to control and care for your fire.  Glass doors will improve the look of your fireplace, simultaneously giving you clear control of the fire burning inside it.  

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