Monday, April 30, 2012

How to Make your Fireplace Look Better with Glass Doors

Spring is a natural time to make home improvements that keep the home looking fresh and up-to-date. As a fireplace is a strong architectural element in the home, it creates a natural focal point for the whole room. Giving the fireplace a mini-makeover makes the hearth of the home worthy of attention. Installing fireplace glass doors is an easy DIY project that not only adds a lot of style to the room but helps keep the household safe as well.

Gathering with the family around the fireplace to enjoy a cozy fire on a chilly night is one of life’s simple pleasures. Not as enjoyable as waiting for the fire to completely burn out before calling it a night. Fireplace glass doors provide the only safe way to leave a wood fire in a fireplace unattended. Whether the fireplace is metal or brick, installing the doors is easy. Glass doors are available in sizes than can fit almost any fireplace opening and can be installed using standard tools.

If retrofitting a pre-fabricated fireplace, sometimes called a zero clearance fireplace, installing glass doors is even easier. The best fireplace glass door retailers have the ability to create glass doors based on the make and model of the unit. This ensures a perfect fit. A variety of glass doors are available for masonry fireplaces too.

New glass doors for the fireplace offer opportunities to update the style of the fireplace as well. Fireplace glass door frames come in a broad array of colors and finishes. By choosing a color or finish that matches other accessories in the room, the doors help unify the room’s d├ęcor, adding a polished, cohesive look to the space. Homeowners may prefer to install an eye-catching frame that will enhance the fireplaces position as a strong focal point.

Whether the glass doors purchased are for a new installation or are fireplace replacement glass, it’s important to ensure that the glass meets UL testing standards for heat. Doors with a lifetime warranty are an indicator of quality as well. While installing the doors is easy, purchasing fireplace glass doors from a reputable online retailer that offers technical help when needed ensures a hassle-free installation.

Installing fireplace glass door this spring ensures that the family fireplace will look great all summer long and will be ready for the first fire in the fall. With so many decorative options available, fireplace glass doors are a great way to add style as well as function to the family hearth.

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