Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Warning: Everything Else Will Look Outdated!

This all started with my husband and I deciding to take on the project of making a new fireplace mantle.  We had thought about putting stone over the red brick before installing the mantle, but it was just too costly and time consuming. My husband has never like the look of painted brick until he found this website one Saturday evening. We ordered the kit online on Sunday and had it by Wednesday. I watched the DVD a couple of times and had the fireplace finished by Friday evening.

The transformation is amazing!  Instead of looking like painted brick, it looks as if our fireplace was built using beautiful custom-made bricks.  My only issue is that they're package should have come with a warning.  “When you see how great your fireplace looks, you have to update other things in the room so that everything else in the room didn’t look outdated! “  Now we just spend lots of time looking at our fireplace and smiling.

Brick Paint Kit Color Choice: Misty Harbor
Enhance your new fireplace look with a beautiful Fireplace Door
The 7 Step Process to a whole new fireplace

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  1. Hi there! I'm visiting from a blog hop and thought I'd drop by and say hello! Love the mantle. Mine so needs a facelift :/ I'm a new follower and would love it if you'd consider dropping by and following back :) Thanks!!

  2. That is gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing with the newbie party. I always struggle with FP decorating. Great site. Enjoy the newbie party, a place to make some real friends and connections!

  3. wow - it does not look like painted brick at all.

  4. lol, the title of this post makes me laugh. That's how I feel with all of my projects - but since we're renters I'm limited in what I can do. Anywho - it looks great!

  5. Makes me wish I had a fireplace...just so I could paint it! So glad you linked up at Reasons To Skip The Housework!


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  6. Lovely! Now I want to paint my fireplace!

  7. Quite the transformation - and you've decorated the mantel so vividly too.

  8. Wow, love the before and after! Great job. Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!

  9. It really looks like new stone! And the mantel fits the new look perfect! Thanks for sharing this at our "Beautify It Monday" Party! We hope you'll be back again next week!

  10. Beautiful update! What a transformation! :)

  11. You did a fantastic job!

    Hopping over from Heartfelt Balance voiceboks hop


  12. I just stumbled across your site as Im trying to figure out how to install a mantel shelf with the protruding brick... our before looks just like yours! How did you attach the mantel to the brick??



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