Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Guest Post: Fashionable & Modern Fireplaces

Without some kind of centrepiece, a living room can look a little bare. There’s a space that needs filling, but you can’t quite figure out what will work. Perhaps the best kinds of centrepiece any lounge can have are wood burning stoves found at Leeds stove centre. However, many people think of fireplaces and stoves as being both old fashioned and unnecessarily expensive, but that isn’t the case.

Many fireplaces today are either fashionable, contemporary or fall somewhere between the two. If you want your home to look up to date, then the addition of a modern fireplace could help with that. In the past, most fireplaces were constructed with wood or marble, and usually had an ornate, almost classical look about them. However, many gas fires from directfires-online.co.uk use different materials such as limestone and black granite, which, when placed in front of a light-coloured wall, really stand out.

While some fireplaces tend to predominantly one material, some use a combination of two or more. Some use a back panel made from black granite or marble, with a surround made of pine or oak to create a two-tone look which looks thoroughly modern. Many modern and fashionable fireplaces are also more energy efficient that you may have first thought. Electric fireplaces in particular need very little energy to run effectively, keeping you and everyone else in the room warm without harming the environment, while wood fireplaces trap any carbon dioxide released from the burning fuel, preventing it from entering the atmosphere.

by John Iliopoulos

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