Thursday, May 17, 2012

How to Build Fireplace Doors Using Black and Decker Power Tools

A fireplace is a vital household accessory for people who live in cold areas. Though their importance cannot be understated, individuals should ensure that their fireplaces look good to boost the value of their homes. For instance, they can enhance their appeal by installing fireplace doors. People can choose from an array of ready-made styles and designs that are available in many offline and online retail shop. Those who want to attain a customized look or operate under a low budget can make custom doors. They must only have their Black & Decker power tools to help them through the process. Installing fireplace doors has its advantages to individuals who use them. For example, they will enhance the appeal of fireplaces and prevent smoke from entering their living areas.

As a result, people will enjoy a warm evening and avoid a myriad of health problems. They will also prevent soot from building up in their living rooms once the fire runs out. This limits the inconveniences of having to clean rooms after using their fireplaces. Individuals who want to build the first fireplace doors should follow these steps:

Plan: people should plan their entire construction project to get better results. They should collect all required materials and tools that they will use. These include assembling their black & decker power tools, measuring tapes, steel and glass materials. Homeowners should then design their firehouse designs. They can draw a rough sketch of their fireplace doors by reading material such as magazine or venturing online to gather ideas. After completing their designs and procuring all material, people can proceed to build their dream doors.

Take measurements: individuals should then measure their fireplaces. They can use tape measures or gadget that can determine the correct dimensions. Principally, people must make sure that they factor provisions for expansion. They can get a host of ideas from home safety websites to make sure that their fireplace doors are not only functional but also safe.

Create the door frame: using their stipulated dimensions, homeowners should cut their door materials to create a frame. This will form the backbone that holds all facets of these doors. They must ensure that they cut precise measurements using their Black and Decker power tools. This should be the norm when cutting other fireplace door components. As a result, all components will fit together to produce strong fireplace doors.

Assemble door segments: After cutting all major components, individuals should proceed to assemble these parts. They must make sure that the outer angles are square and fasten them in place using a welding machine. All welded joints should be strong to enhance the durability of these doors. People should then use their Black & Decker power tools to create holes that will house hinges and glass clamps. Finally, they should use a rotating grinder to smooth the edges and remove artifacts. This ensures that the final product is appealing.

Install the door: finally, individuals should fit door glasses and hinges and then fit in on their fireplaces. They can use power drills to make holes, and fasten the door to the fireplace. They should then open and close the door to make sure that they are functioning well. Individuals who follow these steps can make good fireplace doors. They must only ensure that they buy good-quality building materials from reputable retailers.

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