Sunday, June 3, 2012

How To Create A Majestic Fireplace Mantel

Ever noticed that some fireplace mantels just stand out? They seem to possess an essence that makes the entire room more elegant, put together, even majestic. Wondered what your mantel is missing?

The secret is in the lighting.

Lighting is often seen as purely functional. Sure, it allows for bedside reading long after the sun has gone down, illuminates the windowless hallway for safe navigation, and provides a helpful battery-operated beam on camping trips. But there’s much more to it. Lighting can inspire, enhance, and create an ambiance. It can be dramatic, romantic, or energizing.

If you want to call attention to your fireplace mantel, put a spotlight on it! Your eyes will naturally be drawn to the light when you walk into the room; although you’ll focus in on the beautiful fireplace and mantel, rather than the light fixture.

The best way to illuminate a mantel is to install a couple of adjustable recessed lighting trims on the ceiling a few feet away from the wall. The adjustability will enable you to direct the beam of light exactly where you want it for maximum drama. You might want to focus it on a decorative vase sitting on the mantel, a photograph, or even a painting hanging on the wall. For a great selection of adjustable recessed lights, check out Pegasus Lighting.

Guest Post by: Emily


  1. I completely agree that lighting can make any area look fabulous. My mom is an interior designer so I've seen her do it so many times.

  2. I can do improvements now. Thanks for your useful blog.



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