Friday, June 29, 2012

How to Decorate Your Fireplace For The Season

Just because you only turn your fireplace on during the winter months, does not mean that is the only time people pay attention to it. A fireplace is a major part of whichever room it is in. It can make or break a room. Fireplaces are now seen as a luxury rather than being built into every house. Fireplaces are great to have in a room because of the number of things you can do with them. They are a decorator’s heaven. Here are some great ways to decorate your fireplace this summer.

Lets summer-ize that fireplace!

During the summer why not add a little pizzaz to your fireplace. It’s all about using the entire fireplace, and not just the mantle. The fireplace isn’t going to be turned on during the summer, so make use of the inside of the fireplace as well as the mantle. Why not place a sculpture or two inside. Is there a sculpture or knick knack taking up space on one of your end tables? Why not replace it with a lamp or your favorite book and make better use of that sculpture. After all, the fireplace is one of the first places in a room to be noticed, it should be the first place you put your key decorations.

Want to add some color to your room this summer? Do so by using your fireplace. Visit your local florist and pick up a colorful, bright and shining bouquet of flowers, and this time instead of placing them just on your kitchen table, split up the bouquet. Put half on your kitchen or living room table and place the others in a matching vase in your fireplace. Surround it with other greenery or decorations and it will give you that extra pop you’ve been looking for.

Don’t want to change the meaning or original look of your fireplace by adding flowers or decorations? Keep the original look of your fireplace by adding candles rather than running it this summer. Adding different colored candles can add dimension and if you feel so inclined you can light them and give your room that cozy atmosphere it possesses in the winter months.

The options are endless. Pick your favorite decorating idea and go to town. It’s time to summer-ize that fireplace.  

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