Monday, June 25, 2012

Top 10 Things to Clean in the Spring

After a winter spent primarily indoors, the urge to clean when the earth begins to warm is common. These ten things should be on your list.

Bed covers
Sheets get washed, furniture gets dusted, but how often does your comforter or bedspread get cleaned? Dust, skin cells and animal dander collect on bed covers over time. For simplicity’s sake, take it to the cleaners and let them wash it while you tackle the rest of the home.

Windows plus
Washing windows is often on the least desirable chore list. Sometimes that’s because they are difficult to reach; other times cleaners leave streaks that cause you to re-clean inside and outside trying to identify the specific location of the streak. In addition to the glass of the windows, clean the window sills and any window treatments. Launder curtains or valances for the same reasons mentioned for washing comforters.

Furniture surfaces like tables and bookshelves get dusted fairly regularly throughout the year. Baseboards, doorframes and ceiling fan blades, on the other hand can gather a year’s worth of dust before getting attention. Spring cleaning is as good a time as any to clean those ridged surfaces.

If you are like most American families, your closets are full of clothes you never wear. To make room for the new items you received over the holidays, clean out your closets. A good rule of thumb is to get rid of anything you haven’t worn in the past year. Give those clothes away as hand-me-downs or donate them to a local charity. If you’re feeling extra energetic, perform the same process for cupboards and cabinets throughout the home, disposing of expired items and donating excess items.

Kitchen appliances
While you are in cleaning mode, you might as well tackle the oven and the refrigerator. These appliances are easy to neglect because they are so commonly used. Take the time to clean out last year’s crumbs, spills and residues to start fresh this spring.

To thoroughly clean the floors in your home will require furniture to be moved. Vacuum or mop under the sofa, chairs and beds in your home to prevent dust bunnies and insect carcasses from forming an army. Shampoo the carpets and rugs while you’re at it.

AC filter
Replacing the filter in your heater and air conditioner keeps the air ducts cleaner and makes your units run more efficiently.

Have a chimney sweep clean your chimney before you clean out your fireplace. Clean should always happen from the top first to prevent double cleaning. Keeping chimneys clean prevents fires and bird nests. Consider updating your fireplace with a new fireplace glass door or economy mantel.

It was too cold over the winter to do it, but now that spring rains are just around the corner you want your gutters to perform at their best. Clean out leaves and muck that has gathered over the colder months to keep gutters from getting clogged.

Lint trap
Even if you clean the lint trap after every load of clothes dries, it is important to keep the space beyond the lint trap clean as well. This, too, prevents potential fires as well as helping your dryer to last longer and run more efficiently.

If this all seems overwhelming, check into cleaning services. Austin to Boston, there is bound to be one in your area.

Tiffany Marshall is an allergy sufferer who understands the value of keeping a home clean for health purposes. She is a freelance writer who has posted articles about house cleaning services, Austin condos and catering for Austin businesses like

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