Sunday, July 22, 2012

Best Rooms For a Fireplace

There is a special feeling you get when entering a room with a fireplace. Many rooms can have one, but what are the best rooms for a fireplace? While fireplaces are most frequently found in the living room, more and more homes have them located in the kitchen or in the bedroom. If you're unsure where to place your fireplace, then try to look at some of the pros and cons of having the fireplace in each place.

The Living Room – Having a fireplace here is great because you can start the fire before friends or family arrive and have the room take on a glow it doesn't normally feature. There's nothing better than watching a movie on the screen over the mantle with a warm fireplace and a bag of popcorn while surrounded by your favorite people. The living room is also a central location in most houses, and the heat can more easily reach other parts of the home.

The Kitchen – While some older kitchens have wood stoves for cooking, others have full-sized fireplaces. Fireplaces in kitchens can definitely add a new dimension to the overall design plans of a kitchen, but one should consider that fireplaces take up a lot of space that could otherwise be used for more counter and cabinet space. With today’s modern conveniences, most homeowners would rather have more space in the kitchen to be used for other purposes.

The Bedroom – Anywhere a fireplace is installed in a home people can benefit from the warms that it produces, but in the bedroom a fireplace can have much more of an impact on the room’s atmosphere than anywhere else. It will certainly add a bit of romance for the alone time with your partner. Having a mantle over the fireplace can be a great place to store personal items for easy access.

Overall, everyone agrees that fireplaces are really cool!  They certainly add a cozy element to your home. Just make absolutely sure that you check your local building codes before you start thinking about adding a fireplace into your home d├ęcor plans. You can also consult with a local expert to find out whether a wood or electric fireplace is best for your home.  After that, you can decide which room above you liked the best!

Allison Cooper is a writer and editor for Beyond Stores, a trusted online seller of heavily discounted name brand furniture and home decor accessories like this Jofran Double Drop Leaf Pub Table.  When not working, Allison enjoys knitting, DIY projects, and the company of her two sons Marcus and Noah.

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