Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Brick Painted Fireplace Must See!

I just had to share my friend Jackie's brick fireplace transformation! She was so excited about the finished product that she has told and showed dozens of our friends and neighbors. She was tired of the same old red brick fireplace and wanted to add some warmth to her beautiful living room. I of course suggested my most favorite brick paint kit. She knew already from all my postings and coming over to my house that I absolutely love the Twilight Taupe color themed paint. What she didn't know was how to do it on her own and then of course getting the hubby on board. Once she had completed it she knew she had made the right decision. I am so thrilled she loved it. The most amazing thing about Brick Anew's Brick Paint is that it is not like regular paint that even when trying to use all these various techniques, regular paint just doesn't not have the finish that leaves your brick looking like "real brick".

I am tickled that she sent me the photo's even though I saw the final outcome, but hey, now I get to share them with you.

May I also suggest some more suggestions to help make your fireplace even more beautiful?

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