Sunday, August 12, 2012

Easy Fireplace Door Installation Tutorial

Okay, so the last nine days or so I have had a ton of request's to give a little more insight into how easy it is to install a fireplace glass door so I pieced together a little bit of information that I was given permission to use for those of you who think that you can't do it yourself. Here is what you need and here is a step by step on how you can have a beautiful glass door for a fireplace and install it yourself. 

What Tools Do I need?
You will need a Phillips screwdriver, an electric drill, and masonry drill bits. Masonry drill bits are drill bits that can go into stone. That's it!

Getting Ready
Unpack your fireplace glass doors and do a quick inventory. Make sure and keep all packing supplies as you will need these in the rare event your fireplace doors are defective or do not fit. Use this video as your guide.

Installing the Fireplace Doors

1) You want to make sure your fireplace glass doors go in the right way - not upside down! Look for two spacer brackets - these indicate the bottom of the doors. It is important that the frame be installed with the correct side up to insure smooth operation of the doors and proper flow of cooling air.

3) Remove the four Phillips screws from these tabs. Now you will get out the four mounting brackets, which are packed with your fireplace door. Using the four screws you just removed, attach the mounting brackets to the sliding tabs. You can loosen these tabs to move up and down for fine tuning the location of the mounting brackets. This ensures you will be able to affix the mounting bracket to a solid mounting service. For instance, you want to affix the mounting brackets into brick versus mortar, as mortar crumbles easily. 

4) Next, you will make pilot holes for the mounting brackets. Center your glass doors and hold them in place where they will go - Once again, make sure they are right side up. Through each of your four mounting brackets, mark a hole for drilling. Make sure and use something very visible like a sharpie. Also make sure you are marking on solid brick and not mortar. This will ensure that the doors are held securely. Now, take the doors back out of the fireplace and get ready to drill! 

5) On the four spots you marked with a sharpie, drill the pilot holes. You will want to look at your particular model's instructions* to find the right sized pilot hole for your doors. 

6) Now put your doors back in place within the fireplace. Find your sheet metal screws, which are packed with your fireplace doors. Using a drill driver, snug each screw through each corresponding bracket and into each corresponding pilot hole making sure not to over tighten. 

7) Centering the Doors - You are almost done! If you need to fine tune the centering of the doors, you can loosen the screws through the mounting brackets on one side, and then tighten them on the other. This will be very intuitive once you have the doors installed.

8) Putting the Doors into their Frame - Fold the glass panes together or slightly open with the handles up. Tilt the doors at a 45 degree angle and insert the bottom pivot pin into the retainer clip located in the bottom corner of the door track. Stand the door up vertically and snap the top pivot pin into the retainer clip located inside the top corner of the door track. Repeat the same procedure for the other pair of doors. You're done!!!


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  1. Such a great tutorial and with Fall coming this will is timely and will be helpful to many of us. Thanks for sharing here on BeColorful.



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