Friday, August 3, 2012

Great Summer Pricing for Fireplace Glass Doors

Fireplace Glass Doors For Superior Fireplaces

Fireplace glass doors offer a safe window into our fire, keeping ash, smoke and excessive heat inside the fireplace, where they should stay.  They are made to tolerate the high heat of the fire, to which they are in close proximity.  The glass doors improve general fireplace safety, protecting the immediate area around it, facilitate ease in caring for the hearth, and add elegance to the look of a fireplace.
  • For 7 years we have successfully updated hundreds of Superior fireplaces, turning fireplaces across the USA into beautiful showcases.
  • All of the superior fireplace doors below are engineered to fit your Superior fireplace and meet national code standards.
  • They are available in a variety of frame and glass colors and all of our doors come with a Lifetime Warranty on the Glass, Free Shipping, and a No-Hassle Satisfaction Guaranteed 

If you have a Masonry Fireplace (a fireplace constructed of brick and mortar by a craftsman, like the kind typically found in older homes) rest assured that if you can use a tape measure and a drill with a masonry bit, you can install these fireplace glass doors in just a few hours - no contractors needed. 

If you have a Prefabricated Fireplace (also referred to as a Zero Clearance Fireplace), we have a factory built fireplace glass doors that will fit the exact make and model of your fireplace. We can make your fireplace glass doors based on this model number found inside the firebox of your fireplace or by the measurements of your firebox. 

Majestic Fireplace Door information can be found here.

Whatever your needs our for your fireplace, no matter who your manufacturer is, you will find what you need and get an AWESOME rebate: CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

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