Thursday, August 16, 2012

Kitchen remodeling for the Jetsons

Guest Post by David Coeyman

Kitchen remodeling has gone hi-tech.  The home theater system, which used to be located in the den, has found its way to the kitchen, in modern times.  The modern kitchen takes the place of the living, dining room, and den – combined.  It has become the central hotspot of the house for large parties, small group gatherings, or simply hanging out with the family.

Women have known all along that the kitchen is the heart of the home, but with the Sci-Tech boom, men are now more freely accepting of roles that they can take in the kitchen as well.  Of course, men may feel that their kitchen role might just be to party and watch the game.  Regardless of gender, the kitchen is a social gathering for both men and women, as we all love to talk while food is being prepared, and to snack while watching the game.

It starts with the most simple form of entertainment, known as the breakfast bar, also called the kitchen island.  The breakfast bar provides just a little extra preparation space, and is often used for eating quick meals, but has now been tapped in with USB ports and LCD televisions.  Kids can plug in to their music while doing their homework and charging their mp3 players.  If they need to rely on the Internet, they can simply log-in via the kitchen island.  No longer is the breakfast bar just that extra space for preparing food.

How does your hi-tech kitchen help you?  Well it’s easy!  Modern technology has allowed us to clean with the push of a button.  For example, dishwashers these days can clean your dirty tableware with 170 degree steam, in less than 15 minutes.  Remember when glass-tops were only available in electric stoves?  Well not everybody likes electric stoves; in fact, most cooks prefer gas stoves to their electric counterparts.  Now, glass-tops are available on gas stoves with retractable burners.  The burners can be retracted to be flush with the glass-top, making cleanup a cinch!  This leaves the stove with a sleek and modern look.

We know it’s not only about practicality, it’s about entertainment.  Touch screens have invaded the kitchen, and can control nearly every appliance.  New recess lights allow you to change colors to set the mood in your kitchen.  LCD televisions can also be found in the range’s vent hood.  What a better time than to watch the Food Network while sautéing garlic scapes and zucchini in EVOO also known as extra-virgin olive oil, while your girlfriends, keeping you company, aren’t missing the show!  LCD televisions can even be found on the refrigerator door!

As the modern family is living in a smaller home than they did 10 years ago, space must be used wisely.  When remodeling your kitchen, think about the heart of your home.  Where should it be?  Where could it be?  The kitchen is an ideal spot!  The kitchen is the den, the living room, the family room, and the dining room combined – keeping the party all in one spot!

If you are ready to take your kitchen from the dark ages to modern day, Aspect contracting is available to assist you with any kitchen remodeling in Maryland inquiries.

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