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Things to Consider When Selecting the Right Glass Doors for Your Fireplace

Short description: Fireplaces are known to be fire hazards, hence the need for glass fireplace doors. Glass fireplace doors are ideal for preventing escaping embers that can jump to your rug. However, there are some things you have to consider before you buy them.

Though it sounds like a good idea, roasting chestnuts in an open fire is not a very good idea even if it is holiday season. Fireplaces are known to be fire hazards and one of the leading causes of household fires. Embers can jump from the fireplace to your rug. Inquisitive children and playful pets might get burned if they get too near. That is why it is important that you install glass doors on your fireplaces to minimize risks.

Before you start shopping for your glass fireplace doors, there are some things that you need to consider. Careful planning is important so that you will not end up wasting time, money and effort in selecting and installing your glass fireplace doors.

Doing Research

The first step in your search for the perfect glass fireplace doors is to do your research. Take note of what your needs are. Crack open the yellow pages, pick up the phone and call companies that manufacture glass fireplace doors. Go online and browse the Internet to check out prices, types of glass used and sizes. The more informed you are, the better because you know what questions to ask to the salesperson once you start your shopping.

Types of Glass

There are actually several types of glass used for glass fireplace doors. Each type has its own pros and cons; the key to your selection is to choose the glass type that has the most advantages for you. Glass fireplace doors are made from safety glass, or glass that has been toughened to prevent it from splintering when it gets broken. They are also heat-resistant. Here are some of the glass types used for fireplace doors: 

  • Tempered Glass – this type of glass is made to be tougher than standard glass. It also has enhanced thermal resistance which makes it suitable for glass fireplace doors. When it breaks, tempered glass does not shatter in shards but rather in small beads. The weak points of tempered glass are located at the edges due to point-fixed glazing and thermal breakages.
  • Laminated Glass – this type if glass has a layer of polyvinyl butyral that bonds the two layers of glass together. Laminated glass is very tough and just like tempered glass, it does not shatter into shards if it breaks.
  • Ceramic Glass – ceramic glass is not really glass but rather, it is a transparent ceramic material that only looks like glass. It has high resistance to heat so they are suitable materials for glass fireplace doors. When it breaks, ceramic glass will only crack and will not fall apart like tempered glass.


An important consideration when you shop for glass fireplace doors is the size. As you do your measurements, determine the type of fireplace you have. Some pre-fab fireplaces have glass fireplace doors available in different sizes; however, if you have a masonry fireplace, you may have to order a custom-made glass door to make sure it will fit. Make sure that your measurements are accurate: measure to the nearest 1/16 of an inch and write these down.


Glass fireplace doors are available in a wide price range so there is one that will surely fit your budget. The factors that can affect the price include the materials used, the brand name, how it is constructed and manufacturer warranties. However, you should not go immediately for the cheapest glass door you can find. The key here is getting value for your money.

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