Monday, September 10, 2012

Advantages of Fireplace Glass Doors

If you have a fireplace, then you are already highly familiar with the crackling, spitting and spilling that is associated with having a life fire in you living room. Asides from having a dustpan and brush nearby, there are other ways that you can make your fireplace more manageable in the form of fireplace glass doors. So today we are going to go through the main advantages of fireplace glass.

  1. Clean-Factor

Glass fireplace doors keep you fire and anything it wants to spit out, behind glass: making it easier to keep the areas around your fireplace clean and tidy. Knowing that anything that cracks and pops out of your fire will stay behind a glass door is also good because you can now experiment with different tools, and even visit the bathroom without being worried about what your fire is throwing onto your rug whilst you are gone!

The other major cleaning issue with fireplaces is with the ashes that are leftover when a fire is done. Ash that is left from a fire can blow into your living room whenever there is a strong wind outside, blowing down your chimney. Fireplace glass provides a barrier between the ash and your living room, so you will no longer be surprised by small grey clouds arising from your fireplace, threatening your lovely rugs.

  1. Temperature regulation
Fireplaces are attached to chimneys, and chimneys like to blow! Whether the fire is on or not, one major issue that homeowners with fireplaces regularly complain about is the unwanted air conditioning effect that kicks around the fireplace when the winter sets it. Not only do chimneys and fireplaces let a lot of cold air in, they also such a lot of warm air out: and so your heating bills goes up and your temperature goes down! Fireplace glass is a good draught excluder for such situations, meaning that you can keep the cold air from the chimney out of your living room, without disturbing the peace and quite of your living room d├ęcor.

  1. Safety
Any children, or pets that are allowed to roam the house are at risk of getting hurt if they come too close to a burning fire, and fireplace glass is one way to minimize any damage that can occur in the event of accidental contact. Fireplace doors are built to keep the heat within the fireplace, so when they are closed (such as when you are done with your fire and waiting for the hot embers to cool) your fireplace glass will keep curious little fingers and noses as safe as possible.

  1. Better fires
A common trick to get the fire going, when it really doesn’t want to, is to hold a newspaper or some other blockage over the fire to guide the wind up the chimney, giving your fire a good blast of oxygen to get it roaring. Rather than faff around with paper and cardboard, fireplace doors will block the wind for you without risking you, or your newspapers. A great advantage.

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