Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Easy Solutions to Bring Back the Zing to an Unused Fireplace

Breathe new life to your unused fireplace and make it a functional and visual masterpiece with these quick and cheap solutions.

During cold winter months, nothing feels better than the warmth coming from a fireplace. But, what good would a fireplace be during warm summer days? Or perhaps, how do you make use of a fireplace that is not operable? These are some problems that many homeowners have to deal with. And if you happen to be one of them, you are probably looking at your unused fireplace as though it is a major mistake.

However, do not let the soot-stained interior of your fireplace make it into an eyesore. Your fireplace, though unused, can actually be made to look a visual masterpiece and the focal point of the space. Likewise, you can assign a new purpose to it so as to make it functional again. Here are some quick and inexpensive solutions you can do to bring the zing back to your unused fireplace.

Turn it into a display case

An unused fireplace makes for a great place for you to show off your collection of decorative item such as candles and vases. However, rather than using the mantel to hold the accents, consider arranging them in the opening of your fireplace. Simply gather the items together and arrange them accordingly. A variety of shapes and heights are what will make an arrangement interesting. If your collection lacks variety, especially in terms of height, use a dark-colored stool to elevate some of the items, then spread out other pieces in the opening with the smaller ones filling in the nooks.

Use it as a book shelf or storage space

If you are voracious reader, your unused fireplace provides you the opportunity to remodel it into a books shelf. Of course, before you proceed making your “fireplace library,” clean it well so that dirt and soot will not get into the pages of your books. Once cleaned, integrate two or three layers of shelves into the fireplace opening then stack up your books on each shelf.

If you are not too keen about the idea of piling your books into your unused fireplace, then you can outfit the shelves you made with baskets and use them as storage solutions for other items for easier access.

Creatively cover it up

Instead of leaving your fireplace like a black hole on the wall, cover it up in a creative way. You can board up the hole of your firebox with a decorative tin cover to give it a vintage charm. Or, if your fireplace is just taking a break from its warming duties, cover it temporarily with a folding screen or a curtain.

Another great creative way to conceal the dark interior of your firebox is to put a large piece of canvas print, painting or mirror in front of it. For a more personal touch, have your favorite photo blown up and printed on a canvas, then use it to cover your fireplace opening and turn such unused feature into a focal point.

These are just some of the many things you can do to make your non-working fireplace functional again without necessarily replacing or removing it. With little investment of money, time, energy and creativity, it is possible for you to enjoy your fireplace even without the fire and warmth it emits.

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