Friday, September 14, 2012

Top YouTube Videos on Decorating Your Fireplace

Fireplaces are well known for the comfort, warmth, and relaxation that they bring to a home. They serve as the center around which a family can gather, a common space aside from the ever-present television. Fireplaces can also double as display spaces: mantels are commonly home to pictures of loved ones and often serve as canvases for holiday decorations. Here are a few YouTube videos that show some ways to get creative with fireplace decoration.
With summer winding down and fall just around the corner, the time for a change in decoration is coming. This video contains some helpful tips on decorating the fireplace for autumn.
  • Use natural elements that give the feeling of the fall season: pumpkins, gourds, warm colors, and berries.
  • Use candles for extra color and added ambience.
  • Antique books create visual interest, an aged feel, and a nice aesthetic. They can also be used to add height.
There are other videos to keep your fireplace looking great year-round: winter, spring, and summer.
A lot of homes have fireplaces, but not everyone makes full use of them. If you don’t regularly hold fires, you can still make your fireplace a focal point:
  • Use your empty fireplace as a display case.
  • Use wood, river rocks, and dried flowers for a natural, rustic look.
  • Use candles and a mirror to mimic the ambience of a fireplace fire.
  • Fireplaces work as a great frame for plants, boxes, and books.
This video has some general tips for decorating mantels, particularly the best ways to use a mirror as part of an attractive display.
  • Make sure that the mirror isn’t reflecting anything unsightly or distracting.
  • Add other elements to balance the display.
  • Use plants to bridge the gaps between objects.
With these techniques, you can make your fireplace a unique and attractive focal point and comfortable gathering space in your home, even when a fire isn’t burning.

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