Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Using Stone in Your Bathroom

If you are anything like me, you love a classy, well thought out bathroom, where function is as important as style. If you are anything like me, you have poured over magazines, internet sites and idea homes looking for the perfect materials for your bathroom renovation before getting so utterly frustrated at the endless combinations and options that you flounce into the bathroom and say, "I give up! We are just going to have to leave the (pea green/mustard yellow/dusty rose/insert gross color here) tile in this bathroom for another 25 years!" 

If that sounds even a little bit like you, (minus the flouncing) then may I recommend a material that is going to make your day/week/month, by being your "go to" element in your new bathroom project. 

Drum roll please.....STONE. 

Now, I know what you might be thinking. That stuff that people put in their yards? Yup. That stuff that people line their fireplace with? Yup. As it turns out, the natural beauty of stone shines through no matter what room you put it in. In recent years, what was once a total luxury product is now much more affordable and as a result has become more and more popular in building and renovation projects. 

A stone sink or vanity can be made to look a variety of different ways. For the natural look, it can literally be a piece of stone that looks like it was just plucked from the ground with a large hole in it or it can be on the other end of the spectrum and be a super chiseled modern sink that looks like it came from the future. A natural stone sink can also withstand the wear and tear of everyday use much better than a porcelain or ceramic sink can, so while it may be more expensive up front, due to the durability of stone, it will last for many years. 

Modern showers have perfected the art of bringing the outside in for the ultimate in relaxation. Using stone in your shower is an excellent addition to creating a bathroom retreat that can be beautiful and also practical. 

Flooring and Walls
One of the easiest ways to introduce stone into your bathroom is through the flooring and walls. There are many stone tiles to choose from, all with different colors, shapes, sizes and prices. Stone flooring should be sealed with an anti-slip sealant that prevents people from slipping when it is wet, but putting down a bathmat is always a good idea when getting out of the shower. 

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