Saturday, February 23, 2013

Decorating Tips and Tricks for your Fireplace

A fireplace can be a great addition to any room, giving the space character and a unique identity of its own. Functional fireplaces are also a great convenience in chilly winter months, giving homeowners the opportunity to cozy up to a warm flame and shake off the cold. When designing a room that contains a fireplace, it is essential to keep several different factors in mind to ensure that the fireplace is optimized effectively. The following tips offer a great starting point for those working with a home fireplace. 

Working with Size

It is important to keep the scale of the fireplace in mind when designing for a room that contains one of these features. For example, should a small fireplace be located in a large room, increasing the overall presence of the fireplace will help make it a focal point. This can be done by painting the mantel and surrounding wall in the same color. In turn utilizing complementary colors in the textiles and decor of the room will help tie the entire look together, giving the space a cohesive feel. Large fireplaces can be made more appealing by utilizing the space above the mantel to display a large portrait or mirror. 

Positioning the Fireplace

Homes that contain a fireplace already will need to be designed around the feature's location. For spaces where a fireplace will be added, it is important to think about the potential location options. Many contemporary homes feature fireplaces at eye level, allowing the fireplace to take the position of a painting or traditional wall decoration. This allows the fireplace to not only be functional, but also incorporates it into rooms where a floor position may not be ideal.  

Off-Season Decoration

Many homeowners neglect their fireplaces during warmer months, leaving the fireplace empty and devoid of activity. Rather than allowing the fireplace to go to waste, this space can actually serve as an interesting display space. Homeowners can use their imaginations to come up with inventive displays that will showcase the personality of the home's residents, while also giving the fireplace a way to shine without a log burning year round. 

Fireplaces are not only a beautiful design feature, but they can add a personal and homey feel to any space. By keeping the fireplace in mind when designing the room's surroundings, homeowners can make certain their space looks clean and dynamic. This will allow make certain that the home's residents are able to take advantage of the functional aspects of this design feature.

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