Thursday, February 21, 2013

Meet Joyce Bahorich - Recipe Creator & Mother of 3

I am a mother of three who has a passion for cooking and collecting recipes. I carry a stack of cookbooks and food magazines with me wherever I go and enjoy searching for recipes I know my family will enjoy. I also enjoy watching some of the many cooking shows that have really taught me that a delicious dinner doesn't always require a wide range of ingredients, just be creative.
As my children matured, so did their tastes in food. I could no longer get away with a simple mac –n-cheese dinner. It’s brought the creative side out in me that I never knew I had. I get my love of cooking from my mother who always managed to have a delicious dinner on the table every night for myself and my five siblings. I have fond memories of the smell of her homemade biscuits baking in the oven.
My favorite type of food to cook is anything Italian! Who doesn’t love a traditional lasagna, homemade meatballs, or chicken Parmesan? Winter is my favorite time of the year to cook because there’s nothing better than a hearty bowl of soup to warm you up on a chilly day. Speaking of chilly…..chili is definitely a family favorite especially when served with a jalapeno cornbread that will definitely add some fire! Whether you’re cooking for two or twenty, everyone loves a delicious homemade meal that brings you together for great conversation and quality time with family and friends.

Joyce is our featured "mom" this week. We have shared a few recipes already and will be sharing a more as often as we can.

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