Monday, March 4, 2013

Use Brick Fireplace Paint to Transform Your Fireplace

The fireplace captures everyone’s attention in the room, and the place where people gather to enjoy each other's company, a cup of hot tea, or a nice book. So you don't want an ugly, dated fireplace that's an eyesore instead of an enjoyment. Choosing the right brick fireplace paint transforms the look of your fireplace and makes it enjoyable again.

There are two main kinds of fireplace paint: High temp paint for the firebox, and brick paint for the exterior face of the fireplace. Any high temp paint you use should be rated to tolerate temperatures of up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit, and also come in colors other than black. Stovebrite offers high temp paint in eight different shades, each one great for dressing up your dingy old firebox. Check out these two newly painted fireboxes, one in off-white and the other in black:

How to Choose Brick Fireplace Paint

Choosing paint for your fireplace bricks involves a higher challenge. Do you want to go with a solid color, or for a real brick look? It's easy to choose a color and paint it onto your fireplace. The problem is that it just looks like painted brick. This isn't a bad choice, and it will look a great deal better than ugly, plain brick. However, you don't get the comfort and charm of real brick. We often get calls asking if Brick-Anew will work on a painted fireplace, since the owner doesn't like the look of painted brick (by the way, yes, Brick-Anew works on painted brick).

The key to getting that real brick look is to use coordinated applicators and varying shades of paint. This costs a bit more, but in the end you'll have the charming real brick look that you want.

Tips When Using Brick Fireplace Paint
  • Use the right tools, including rollers, brushes, and sponges to get varying shades and patterns that are characteristic of brick.
  • Use coordinated shades and colors of paint that blend together and give you that real brick look.
We highly recommend the all-inclusive Brick-Anew kit to make this job easy. It includes all of the applicators and shades of paint you need to paint your fireplace. Thousands of homeowners all across America have already experienced what Brick-Anew does for the look of a fireplace.

Brick Anew has a wide selection of fireplace paint you can check out any time.

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