Wednesday, January 15, 2014

We All Know Donny Osmond Can Sing and Dance...But What He's Doing Now Might Surprise You

Debbie & Donny Osmond

I pulled my car into the parking deck at America's Mart in Atlanta last week to take a look at the new line of home products Donny Osmond and his wife have recently launched called "Donny Osmond Home". A little apprehensive, I squeezed into the crowded elevator and headed to the 14th floor.  Looking around a few seconds, I spotted a sign for a "meet and greet" line where you could have a picture made with the couple so I went to the back of the line and casually chatted with the people standing around me while I waited for my turn.  When I got to the front and caught a glimpse of Donny, my heart did skip a beat... I'm not gonna lie. I thought OMG!! It's Donny Osmond!  Immediately, my mind went back to the early 1970's when I was ten years old living in a tiny ranch house on a suburban neighborhood street filled with kids on bikes, where we spent our summers playing kick ball, splashing around in our above ground pool, or playing pretend (Do kids even do that anymore??). My best friends lived next door and pictures of  The Brady Bunch, The Partridge Family, Bobby Sherman, and of course, Donny Osmond covered our bedroom walls.  When I met Donny, happy memories of my childhood came flooding back as I remembered sitting on my bedroom floor for hours playing with Barbie dolls and listening to my portable record played as Donny crooned "And they called it Puppy Love..."

After I'd had my fun reminiscing and snapped back to reality, I wandered into the showroom, anxious to check out the merchandise.  The space was filled with an eclectic mix of products including furniture, home improvement items and accessories.  I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and modern style of the collection.  "Making Home and Family #1" is their brand message and everything points to creating a warm, homey space for quality family time.  They describe their own home style as " a blend of textured neutrals with color accents depicting a casual and comfortable lifestyle."   From floor and table fans, to bedding, shelves, rugs, lamps, and rustic mantels, the collection is varied , unique, and definitely worth a look.  I especially love the furniture with clean lines and a distressed look and the rustic mantels made from reclaimed wood.  Donny commented in an interview that they are not trying to create their's organic.    Family and home really are the most important things to them.  With five children and five grandchildren, they're the real deal and are super nice people.  I can't help but root for them and wish them success.  This is just the beginning of their new venture and I'm looking forward to seeing how they pull it all together.  (Or maybe that's just the ten year old in me who still has a little crush...Donny's sooooooo cute!!!!!)

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