Monday, September 8, 2014

Painting A Mantel Black...And 5 Other Ways To Use This Dramatic Color In Your Home

Designers love black, whether it’s in clothing or home decor.  This classic color never seems to go out of style and is a staple of any wardrobe.  In home decorating, this bold color can be used in a number of ways to draw attention to details and accessories or add dramatic flair to walls to pieces of furniture.  Here are some ways to use black in your home:

-Paint a wall black and hang brightly colored prints, sculptures, or paintings.  Or paint a wall a light color and hang artwork in black frames for a uniform look.

-Decorate with black wrought iron such as a light fixture, railing for a staircase, or candlestick holders. Black wrought iron furniture looks beautiful on a screened porch or patio and it’s fun to accessorize with bright, cheerful colors.

-Paint your fireplace mantel black.  Whether you have a mantel shelf or a surround, a dramatic look can be created. This looks best if your fireplace is build out of a light colored material like marble or if your brick has been painted a light color.

--Paint end tables or a chair black.  Just a couple of black accents in a room should be enough to make a statement.  Remember, you can paint almost anything from an old brass lamp to a worn looking fireplace screen and get great results.

-Combine black with white for a classic look.  Black, white, and chrome make a timeless combination for a kitchen or bath.  Add a pop of color or just leave it alone.  Either way, it will make a statement.

-Fill a black cabinet with white dishes for a simple, sophisticated display.  

(Photo by Selamat Designs)

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