Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A Stunning Fireplace Design by House of J Interiors


Jennifer Woch with House of J interiors became interested in interior design as a child. Her family traveled to England where historical styles and beauty influenced her as she realized how much you surroundings affect the way you feel.

She describes the way she gets inspiration for a project from listening to her client's dreams and desires for a particular space. When dealing with a fireplace, she always treats it as a focal point for the room. Art, mirror, candles, and seasonal decor are all great ways to accessorize a fireplace. Jen starts a fireplace redesign by removing everything from the fireplace and putting items back piece by piece so she can try a few arrangements before deciding on a final look.

The fireplace in the picture here is one that Jen designed to compliment her client's new blinds. He had just purchased them and wanted to keep them in place. She didn't want to match them with the materials for the fireplace but wanted to choose something complimentary. Since her client liked earthy finishes, she decided on stacked slate with deep orange rust and dark grays. Jen decided to cover the entire wall which made a huge statement. The slate looked amazing with his hickory floors, maple cabinets, and quartz counter.

Jen advises homeowners to have a plan before starting a design project. Have all the materials you need on hand. If you decide to hire a designer or decorator, be ready to ask them anything. There are no "silly" questions.

She says to be sure you don't go for a magazine look unless it's truly your style. All spaces should be functional and practical for the way you live no matter what the trends are or what's in style at the moment. A well designed space will stand the test of time.

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