Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Rustic Mantel a Perfect Look with Stacked Stone

This fireplace looks like the perfect place to cuddle up and read a book on a chilly fall evening.  The stacked stone and the distressed wood mantel give the room a rustic feel.  Distressed or reclaimed wood makesMantel beautiful furniture, shelves, and handcrafted mantels.  Taken from old barns and buildings, reclaimed antique wood is in high demand but is usually expensive since there's a limited supply.  If you can't find reclaimed wood with a price within your budget, you can find furniture and mantels pieces that have the look of reclaimed wood at a lower price.  Wood can be crafted to look old and rustic even though it's new.  Take a look at this rustic- looking mantel that can add an interesting focal point to your fireplace:

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