Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Perfect Fit Fireplace Doors and Replacement Parts for Heatilator

Are you looking for new doors to fit your Heatilator fireplace? Or maybe you already have a frame and just need quality replacement doors. Lucky for you there's a new site that makes it easy to find the correct measurements and model number for your fireplace doors.

Heatilatorfireplacedoors.com gives you a complete guide to finding the right door for your home based on model number, price range, and special features. If you are looking for a premium fireplace door, you can choose from many decorative frame color options as well as glass color. If you don't need fancy options and are only looking for a basic fireplace door to decorate your home and maximize heating and energy efficiency, then there are options to fit your budget and needs as well.

Best Value Door: The EZ-Door

Glass Options: The EZ-Door Steel

Frame and glass options: EZ-Door Plus


IMPORTANT: Measure your fireplace before you order! This part is on you. Make sure to properly measure your firebox so that your Heatilator fireplace door fits snugly. More information on this can be found on the Heatilator Installation and Measuring guide.

  • Put the brackets on the side panels.
  • Use the self tapping screws to secure your frame into the firebox opening.
  • Make sure your frame is even.
  • After you have secured the frame, put the glass into the frame to complete your fireplace door installation.
  • Position the frame in the fireplace and center the frame between the left and right side of the fireplace opening.
  • It is Important that the frame is installed with the correct side up to insure smooth operation of the doors. The bottom frame rail is marked by a red dot.
  • Slide the brackets on the backside of the frame and position them against your fireplace box. Hand tighten the bracket. Mark the fireplace at each hole in the 4 angle brackets.
  • Remove the frame, drill the 4 holes your marked with the 5/32 drill bit.
  • Re-position the frame back into the fireplace and secure the frame using the sheet metal screws using a #2 Phillips screwdriver for each angle bracket making sure you don’t over tighten! The enclosure may be centered by loosening one side and tightening the other.

Replacement Doors:

Check the inside of your fireplace. Do you see the manufacturer label? This is where the supported model numbers for replacement doors is located. Match that number on this list and order your Heatilator fireplace doors!

Model Numbers for Replacement Heatilator Doors
  • Heatilator HB36A
  • Heatilator A36RH
  • Heatilator ST36D
  • Heatilator EC39
  • Heatilator HD42B
  • Heatilator DX42
  • Heatilator TD36B
  • Heatilator HB36AI
  • Heatilator A42C
  • Heatilator ST42A
  • Heatilator EC42
  • Heatilator HD42BI
  • Heatilator 180H
  • Heatilator DX42AI
  • Heatilator TD42B
  • Heatilator HB42A
  • Heatilator A42CH
  • Heatilator T3600
  • Heatilator EL36
  • Heatilator HR36
  • Heatilator 180CT
  • Heatilator HC36BI
  • Heatilator E36
  • Heatilator HB42AI
  • Heatilator A42R
  • Heatilator T4200
  • Heatilator EL36I
  • Heatilator Icon 100
  • Heatilator A36C
  • Heatilator 160CT
  • Heatilator E39
  • Heatilator HC36
  • Heatilator A42RH
  • Heatilator T4800
  • Heatilator EL42
  • Heatilator Icon I60
  • Heatilator A36CH
  • Heatilator E42
  • Heatilator HD36B
  • Heatilator DX36
  • Heatilator T588
  • Heatilator EL42I
  • Heatilator A36R
  • Heatilator Icon I80
  • Heatilator EC36
  • Heatilator HD36BI
  • Heatilator DX36AI
  • Heatilator T768

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