Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fireplaces of the Rich and Famous

The Rich and Famous Like Fireplaces Too

Sometimes you just gotta laugh.

I had a small fire crackling here at the blogspot this morning—it makes the coffee taste just a little better and does wonders for the creativity—when a friend in the business forwarded me a link to a story about celebrity homes. “Did you know Jerry Seinfeld’s house has thirteen fireplaces?” he asked, and while I wasn’t exactly surprised, I sent back a quick response. “No I did not,” I said. “It’s amazing how much money you can make off a show about nothing.”

Now, I was fortunate enough to grow up in a 1954s era bungalow with two fireplaces. My grandmother’s turn-of-the century Tudor-style house, meanwhile, had four—though two of them were sealed off during the Great Depression. And these days, while I’d love to have an extra hearth at which to thaw my ice cube toes, perhaps one in the bedroom or even a third one, in the dining room, where we like to entertain, the one single hearth we do have, right there in the den, where we spend the most time as a family, is actually way more than sufficient.

We just spent a little time and money making it the best fireplace it can possibly be. And now that it’s been dressed up with glass doors and a new mantel—ever since I got over my anxiety and just painted the daggum thing, once and for all—I can’t imagine what I’d need another one for. The truth is, even if my house was 23,000 square feet like Oprah Winfrey’s Santa Barbara mansion, or it featured an outdoor theater like George Clooney’s Italian estate, you’d still have a pretty tough time getting me off the couch where I’m sitting right now. Modest as it may be, my fireplace is my pride and joy. After all, I remodeled it myself.

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