Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fireplace Remodeling for Hard Times

Fireplace Inserts Increase Efficiency

It never ends, does it? The winter, the recession, the high cost of heating your home—some things drag on and on. Luckily, hard times can also inspire us. A day does not pass without another news story about homeowners remodeling their houses to be more energy efficient and more eco-friendly. This article from a small daily out of upstate New York is just one of the hundreds of articles that come across the wire here at Fireplace Decorating. Take a look, and maybe get inspired.

You might notice, by the way, that one of the homeowners interviewed for the piece attended the Great Northeastern Home Show looking for three things: energy-efficient solar panels, a good roofer and a few ideas for retrofitting her existing fireplace. That same homeowner also commented that some things on their remodeling wish list might have to wait because of the expense. Just glancing at that list, I can tell right away which item ought to be at the top. After all, few home improvement projects offer as much bang for the buck as a fireplace makeover. The addition of a fireplace blower or energy efficient glass fireplace doors practically pays for itself in energy savings.

But you knew all that already. That’s why you’re a fireplace enthusiast.

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