Thursday, February 5, 2009


Fireplace cleaning requires more than elbow grease.

Who doesn’t love Heloise?

Here at the Fireplace Decorating blogspot, the first edition of the original Hints from Heloise anthology has occupied the same coveted spot on the living room bookcase since my mother-in-law’s first visit. And don’t tell the guys in my fantasy football league, but I’ve pulled it down more than once when I needed to get out a nacho cheese spill before the wife got home. But sometimes the tried and true just doesn’t do, as I was disappointed to discover this morning reading Heloise’s column in the Washington Post.

Yes, you can use cold ashes to clean your fireplace doors, and yes vinegar will eventually get out minor soot stains, but c’mon, Heloise. Nine times out of ten, the smudge don’t budge and the stubborn stains remain. I’m all for home remedies, but sometimes you have to bring in the big guns. Sometimes, nothing but a commercial fireplace cleaner will do.

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