Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fireplace Getaway

Thinking about the fireplace makeover contest over at Brick-Anew got me thinking about their excellent line of fireplace paint products, which I’ve used before and which I plan to use again once I close on my mountain getaway next week.

That’s right, I haven’t mentioned it here yet, but when I wasn’t on the road this fall and summer talking to other fireplace enthusiasts around the country, I spent a good chunk of time up in the Smoky Mountains, looking for a home away from home. No, I didn’t win the lottery – far from it –but I figured if I got far enough off the beaten path and found a place that needed a little (no, a LOT) of tender loving care, maybe I could swing it.

Anyway, the place I finally found is awesome – or it will be, once I finish fixing it up. It’s got two bedrooms, a rustic kitchen and a front porch I absolutely cannot wait to sit on next summer. Not surprisingly, if you know me, this little slice of paradise also comes with a truly amazing masonry hearth that dominates the living room. I had a few pictures I planned on posting here at Fireplace Decorating, but last time I was up there I dropped my digital camera in the stream at the back of the property trying to snap a photo of a three-point buck.

Oh well. I’ll try to take a couple more pics when I head up there next month to clean out the old firebox and scrub and paint the fireplace brick. In the meantime, I’ve posted a picture of a vaguely similar fireplace so you can get the basic idea. Mine’s not in as good a shape, of course – like I said, I didn’t win the lottery -- but that’s what the fireplace paint is for, right? When I get done, mine’s going to look even better.

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