Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Want a Whole Lotta Logs?

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything here at Fireplace Decorating. Over the past few months, while I’ve been off at trade shows and otherwise checking out the latest developments in fireplace technology, my pal Sam’s been stoking the hearth here at FD and I certainly do appreciate it. After all, somebody had to keep the home fires burning.

But now that the weather’s getting nippy again, I’m ready to stay put for a little while, which means sharing a few more anecdotes and fireplace tips with you while I enjoy the warm pleasures of the hearth as we enter the holiday season.

Speaking of the holidays, and speaking of my buddy Sam, a couple weeks ago he mentioned that the folks over at Brick-Anew are hosting a great fireplace makeover contest this month. As I understand it, they’re giving away $200 for the best testimonial and before-and-after pics sent in by November 25. Shoot, if I didn’t think they’d recognize my name, rank and serial number from the trade show circuit, I’d enter the contest myself. Two hundred big ones would keep me in firewood clear into New Year’s…

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