Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Is Your Fireplace Ready for a Summer Makeover?

By Guest Writer, Pam (Home Décor Diva)

I recently had an embarrassing experience that almost forced me to toss the crown of Family Decorating Diva. But there’s still time to fix it and regain my title, especially now that summer’s here and the kids are off at day camp for a few blessed weeks. Let me tell you, in my household, these summer months are about the only time things slow down for even a minute. This makes it the perfect time for some serious deep-cleaning—and, on a more fun note, a great opportunity for those needed upgrades to our home’s décor. Call it Operation Summer Spruce-Up. I always look forward to breaking out the seasonal-themed dishes decorated with watermelons and investing in a new welcome mat to replace the ratty one that’s seen winter’s wear and tear—and this year? It’s time for a fresh coat of fireplace paint.

There’s a story behind this...

I don’t know about you, but in my house, the winter months mean one thing: a packed schedule of family get-togethers. Much as I enjoy these warm times together, enough is enough if you know what I mean. At our New Year’s Brunch, my mother-in-law walked through my living room and made this comment, “Pam? This room is sort of, well, blah, don’t you think?”

As much as I hate to admit it: Folks, she was right. (I’d never tell Her this, but thank goodness Someone isn’t internet-savvy!) I looked over at the fireplace. Without the holiday candles and trimmings that we’d just taken down, it looked bare and boring—and worse, the coarse brown brick just looked dated and flat-out crummy.

Never fear! The summer months are the perfect time to fix that. With no mothers-in-law looking, it’s the ideal time to refurbish the old fireplace with a fresh coat of paint and some unique decorative touches. I’m thinking a raffia swag of seashells over the mantel, accented with some beachy accessories and photos from our Florida trip a few years back. (Wishful thinking!)

As for that awful brick, sure, I could go crazy and insist we demolish the whole fireplace and install a new one, but I don’t want to see the Mister throw his back out with a sledge hammer, and the kids would be running around in a cloud of dust for weeks. Frankly, I’m not interested. After doing some thoughtful research, I’ve found an easier, more budget-friendly alternative: a coat of tasteful fireplace paint from Brick-Anew. I’m thinking Twilight Taupe right now, and from where I stand, it looks like this might just be the one of the easier steps in Operation Summer Spruce-up. I’ll letcha know.

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