Monday, February 28, 2011

Rustic Mantels - They’re Not Just for Country Decor

Rustic Mantels - They’re Not Just for Country Decor

During a visit to Chagrin Falls, a charming town in Ohio last weekend, I saw a wonderful old fireplace in a gift shop called the Bleu Cottage. The building was a stage coach stop in the 1800’s and even has the original bar. The mantel on the fireplace was made from an old barn rafter from the 1850’s. The wood was a beautiful black walnut which had a worn, rustic look. The contrast of the darker wood against the lighter painted rock of the fireplace caused the mantel to stand out as a focal point.
There are various choices in wood and style if you’re looking for a rustic mantel. Common woods are mahogany, basswood, pine, oak, walnut, and butternut. Rustic mantels can be made with a carved or natural face. Pine beams can be “hewned” which creates smooth little digs in the wood. You might want to stain a mantel to complement your hardwood floor or cabinets. A touch of rustic wood can add a natural, earthy feel to almost any décor, even if your style is traditional or formal. Whether you find a rustic mantel online or make one yourself from reclaimed wood, it is sure to add interest and beauty to your fireplace.

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