Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Updating Your Brick Fireplace

An outdated fireplace can be an eyesore that brings down the whole look and feel of a room. I recently moved into a new office space in Atlanta. Because I am a fireplace enthusiast, my first impression of the office was an ugly, outdated fireplace. We all frequently come into contact with similar fireplaces that desperately need a fireplace makeover. Updating your brick fireplace can be a lot of work if you do not know where to start, but there are many great products and solutions to get your fireplace up to date. Look at the fireplace in the picture. A new fireplace mantel, or a set of fireplace doors would liven up the room, one could even consider using a paint kit to give the brick a brighter, more attractive look. If you want to take your fireplace remodeling a step further, consider adding some fireplace gas logs, or even some fireplace accessories. No matter how ugly and behind the times your fireplace is there is always hope for improvement.

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