Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Centerpiece of comfort in your home. How would you rate it?

The fireplace has many uses within our homes. It’s best known for it’s heating efficiency and the level of comfort it can provide when it is used to it’s maximum capability.

Dating back to well before the 1800’s, the fireplace in most homes was a standard meeting place. It is where most families, cooked their meals, boiled their water, sterilized their laundry, all by using the heat generated from the fireplace. It helped provide a place of warmth during the winter months and a level of comfort for families to meet and socialize. 

In this day and age, it is a centerpiece, almost a showcased place in the home, much as the furniture and wall colors that you accessorize and choose with great care. The fireplace adds a certain ambiance, coziness to the room and the radiative heat it can offer can help reduce normal heating costs. Whether you have a masonry style or manufactured fireplace the level of comfort it can bring can be meaningful.

There are many things that are simple and cost efficient when thinking about sprucing up the family meeting place. When considering all the options that are out there, the first thing that comes to mind is how safe is my fireplace and is it effectively providing the desired warmth you need?

Glass doors offer not only safety but when installed correctly and with the proper fitting a glass door offers the most efficient heating available from a fireplace. Are you getting the most heat efficient benefits from your fireplace? Glass doors allow the least amount of heat to escape providing the most warmth possible radiating throughout your rooms.

Screen curtains used on fireplaces have to work harder to contain the air that comes through the chimney, thus having to use more logs or gas to maintain a pleasant temperature. There are also many safety concerns when burning in a fireplace that only has screen curtains to contain the fire. The sparks generated when the fire gets crackling can land on carpet or furniture, as well as allow ash to float freely within your home. If you utilize logs to kindle your fire, a log can roll forward out onto your floors, causing potential danger to tile, carpet or wood flooring and could lead to a house fire.

If you have wood mantles, brick, or manufactured fireplaces it can bring out a certain distinction, even pleasure when you enter a room. When you look at your fireplace, do you see and feel a coziness or pleasure? Do you imagine something more picturesque or a down home warmth? The selections and choices to help you change up your fireplace are limitless and can bring an ambiance to your room like nothing else can. Whether you are remodeling to sell your home, or just in need of a complete fireplace makeover, you have choices that can certainly change how the centerpiece of your home is perceived. Fireplaces and their decor are limitless and not as costly as you may think.  

The next time you walk into the room that houses your fireplace, ask yourself, how you would rate your fireplace and the ambiance that surrounds this centuries old timepiece.  

by Tanya Grimsley

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