Thursday, December 29, 2011

What Exactly is Radiant Heat?

What exactly is radiant heat? 

Here are a few good examples of radiant heat. Have you ever gone barefoot along the beach on a sunny day and felt the warm sand under your feet or picked up a warm cup of coffee? That is radiant heat.

Radiant heat is a transfer of energy that searches out colder objects to warm. Instead of rising like warm air, radiant heat starts by warming the coldest and closest objects from its source. Objects absorb radiant heat until they are the same temperature as the heat source.

Like sunshine, radiant energy is efficiently distributed at light speed, converting to heat when it encounters people and objects in the room.

Radiant heating doesn’t warm air. Like the sun, it warms objects in its direct path. The heated objects, like people or walls can also give off radiant heat to cooler materials. Conventional fireplaces, for example, give off radiant heat, while central "forced-air" furnaces use convection heating.

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