Friday, April 13, 2012

Heat N Glo Fireplace Glass Doors, warming your home, not emptying your wallet.

Hello, yes I am back again with yet another one of my ramblings. I figured as long as I was researching all the Fireplace Glass Doors and contacting all these companies that sharing my information on the blog could possibly help you in your decision making.

I truly was impressed with the folks over at Brick Anew. They truly value their customers. The treatment that I received from other sellers was average at best, they were earnestly trying to sell me more then what I wanted and of course steering me towards making a purchase well beyond anything I wanted or could possibly spend. But nonetheless I listened to the sales pitch and floated around their perspective web pages while they were presenting me their product.

Next up on my list of doors which I like, decisions decisions ...... was the Heat-N-Glo Fireplace Glass Door. Here is a stylish little bugger that is affordable, stylish and made with an anodized aluminum frame. It has Bi-Fold tempered glass doors, and it is custom made .... I know, don't freak out because I said custom! I said it was affordable and it truly is. The one that I got the best feeling for out of the "affordable" price range of my wallet was the Heat N Glo EZ Fireplace Glass Door. Oh, and did I tell you, when I was talking with some of the sellers, they didn't even tell me that I would have to do the measuring, let alone how and where to measure my current fireplace? You would think that would be important. Yet again the folks at Brick Anew not only brought that up, but then advised that they would walk me through it step by step over the phone as I did it! Did you know that when ordering a custom glass door for your fireplace that there are certain things to you need to get right? It took only a few minutes to make sure that I had measured it correctly.

Okay, I'm really super big on customer service so you will hear me mention that a lot over the next few days. If you don't sell me you, while selling me your product, then you won't sell anything to me at all. Please take a look at all the great fireplace doors as well as other items while you browsing their website. Then give them a call and you will see what I mean.

Here are some other items I found on their website that I thought would be of some interest too!

Fireplace Gas Logs - and the selection was affordable and minimal, not comparing twigs and sticks. 
Vented fireplace gas logs - these help expel carbon monoxide out of the room and up the flue!
Vent Free fireplace gas logs - these consume a minimal amount of fuel

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