Monday, April 16, 2012

Home is where the hearth is, Lennox Fireplace Glass Doors

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Today I am totally focused and trying to get my normal work done but wanted to give a little information about another beautiful fireplace that was another option for me while deciding on what I truly wanted for my house. Next up, Lennox Fireplace Glass Doors. Lennox is a company out of the great state of Tennessee, Nashville to be more specific. I am a transplanted southerner and love the south so as I researched more about this particular brand of fireplace door, they already got a plus one in my book.

I am trying to stay within a budget and so I like to look at the "economical end" door, the companies bestseller, then drool over the ones that have all the pomp and circumstance. Well, because my wallet only has dollar tree receipts and dust bunnies I will be providing you the information for what I truly found most interesting and features of the first one or two doors but encourage you to check out all that is available because you wouldn't want to miss out on an opportunity to upgrade. Especially right now, your spring cleaning! Right? You are spring cleaning aren't you? Well, if your not, I hope that your at least thinking about it, that counts for something too. Well, instead of thinking about a new fireplace before the cold seasons come back, strike while the fire is hot (pun intended).

The Lennox EZ Fireplace Door made of black anodized aluminum and has tempered glass or clear. This is truly a gorgeous fireplace glass door and if you have this manufacturers fireplace already, all you need is to give the model number and if you don't have it just give a few measurements and this will be yours in no time. I really like this door, it has a good price and I recommend you contact my favorite friends at Brick Anew. Not only do they seem have incredible prices but most often they are better then being competitive when comparing to other sellers, they are the best. Note: Lennox and Superior Fireplace Doors have identical model numbers.

As long as you are checking this quality fireplace glass door, here are some other things that would blend nicely with your new decor.

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