Wednesday, May 30, 2012

4 Fireplace Decoration Tips

A fireplace is not only great to keep you warm in the winter months, but is a fantastic focal point of your room. The design you choose for your fireplace determines the design of the rest of the room. This can be a great guide for your interior design plans, or it can clash with them. To avoid this clash, be sure to choose the right fireplace style and add the right decorations for your chosen design to further highlight the fireplace. Here are some tips on combining design styles with fireplace decorations:

To create a natural look in your home, consider painting your room in a crisp white. Then place a selection of plants with large and lush green plants (for example ferns) on your fireplace mantel. Use similar fresh colors throughout the room to mimic the natural look. You can use bright yellows and pinks or stick to the lush green of the plants. Designs of your cushions and rugs can further emphasize this fireplace theme by opting for pictures of plants, forests or stripes in different shades of green for these items. This natural look is very popular during the spring and summer months as it invites the energy of these months into your home.

The chic look is highly popular as it adds a balance of luxury design and creativity to your home, without this actually costing you the price of a luxury design. Paler colors including pastels in green, yellow, blue and pink are often used for this chic look, and this can be mimicked in your fireplace decorations. A pair of wooden shutters painted in a charming pastel green with a wreath made out of twigs from your garden painted red sitting on the mantel of your fireplace is one example of creating a chic look. Another is placing a selection of different sized mirrors all with elaborate looking frames above your fireplace. The frames can be spray painted in gold to add a luxurious look to them. The key to the chic look is to create an expensive looking design, but not actually spending the money.

The artistic design is a continuation of the chic one, but instead of it looking luxurious the aim is to make the design look unique and personalised. The wall space of the fireplace is used to paint a mural or picture which ties in the theme of the room. For example, a cast-iron fireplace with a funnel leading toward a wooden mantel is continued with a painting of a bare tree and its crown. This can then be transferred to patterned wallpaper surrounding the fireplace and further highlighting the design of bare trees.

Another example is to paint a picture of your choice in your favourite art styles, i.e. pointillism or impressionism, over your fireplace. As both these styles use very bright colors, you can choose the main colors from your painting for the accessories of the room such as the rug, cushions, lamp shades and even curtains.

If you decide to follow one of these design tips and want give your fireplace a new dose of paint, remember to use fireplace paint designed specifically for fireplaces. These tips are intended to ignite your creativity and to remind you to include your fireplace in your interior design plans.  

GUEST POST BY: Sarah Oxely

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