Sunday, June 3, 2012

How to Update Your Kitchen on a Budget

If you are getting tired of your kitchen and crave a new look, but don't have the budget for a whole refit, you will be happy to learn that there are plenty of things you can do to satisfy your need for a change. A little bit of creativity can make a very small budget go a long way and give you the look of a whole new kitchen without the mess, inconvenience and expense of a new kitchen suite.

Refresh Your Fixtures and Fittings
Simply changing the handles on your doors and drawers can totally overhaul your kitchen. Swap wooden knobs on a rustic country kitchen for metal ones to update the whole look. Dark iron colour metals look great on wooden cupboards, or try brushed aluminium on a white kitchen.

Changing your light fittings is another easy thing to do; swap pendant lights for close fitting down-lighters (get help from an electrician wherever necessary!) or add lighting inside glass-fronted cabinets or underneath wall cupboards to brighten up dark corners. Taps can be expensive to buy, but adding a new set will refresh the look of the kitchen, or you could really splash out and change your whole sink; swapping plastic for stainless steel or ceramic will add a touch of style.

Splash Some Color
There are all sorts of paints available for creating different effects on your cupboard doors, or you could simply replace them. If you go down the painting route, take the doors off the cupboards and lay them out flat to avoid drips and get a better finish; be careful to choose your colours wisely as what might look great on one door in the shop could look totally different when it is across an entire kitchen.

Small kitchen appliances like toasters and kettles come in a wide range of colours that can be a good way to brighten up your kitchen. Pick a colour and add matching tea towels, oven gloves and storage jars to tie the look in across the whole room.

Freshen Up Your Floor
Changing the flooring in your kitchen is an easy way to update the décor and can be done relatively cheaply. Have a look for roll ends of lino if you have a fairly small space to cover; there are many new types of lino about that look great and are warmer to walk on than tiles. Tile paint is an option, but be sure to choose one that has been designed for floors as it will scratch easily otherwise; you can also get paint to go directly onto the scred of a concrete floor if you can remove your existing flooring to that level. Easy fit laminate comes in many effects as well as wood panelling; again, be careful to choose a product suitable for kitchens if you want to try this.

Small, budget friendly changes to your kitchen can make a big difference; grow some herbs in pretty pots on the window sill or tomatoes in a hanging basket in a bright corner for a country kitchen feel as well as cooking ingredients, or add a pin board for photos, shopping lists and postcards: a personal touch that is also functional. Any or all of these small changes will help make you feel as if you have updated your kitchen whilst you save up for a full refit, or you may decide you no longer need one.

This guest post was written by writer and blogger Francesca who is based in the UK. She has a passion for home décor and DIY – the cheaper, the better!

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